• Our Chili Gardens

    Our Chili Gardens

    We are located in a beautiful valley in the glacial drumlin of Verona Wisconsin. Our organic chili pepper gardens are situated on five acres along-side the popular bike route on Range Trail. Our chili peppers thrive in the rich silty clay loam soil on sunny south facing slopes. The 25 varieties we grow create a multitude of intense colors and shapes in our chili gardens. The wide array of diverse peppers also provides a range of flavors and spicy heat levels to accommodate the desires of many palates. The chili peppers are further enhanced in our onsite processing kitchen where we create our innovative products including: 7 Chili Blend Hot Pepper Seasoning, Habanero Powder, Chili Oil, Pepperolio, Chili Vinaigrette, Hot Sauce, Spicy BBQ Rub, Harissa Paste, and more to come. Stop and visit us at the Dane County Farmers Market, on the square across for Inn on the Park Hotel, at the corner of Main andHamilton. We will inspire you with our recipes and experiences.

    We look forward to seeing you! 

  • How It All Began: History of Savory Accents

    Savory Accents (previously known as Out of Our Gourd) started selling seasonally at the Dane County Farmers' Market  in the early 1980’s. (around 1982). Back then we sold sold pumpkins, watermelons, raspberries, gourds, popcorn, apples and some other assorted items.

    Savory Accents started with Ted working on his family farm near Roxbury in the 1960’s. In addition to a roadside stand on Hwy. 12 the Ballweg’s (usually Mom and several siblings)sold sweet corn door-to-door in the newly developed Hilldale neighborhoods. In the fall they would sell apples/squash/pumpkins on the Capitol Square near the Manchester building.

    In 1972 when about a dozen vendors selling on the Capitol Square and State St. banded together to create what is now the Dane County Farmers Market Ted had lost interest in farming.Ted's mother chose not to join the new vendor affiliation – however-had she done so and had Ted stayed with this family business Savory Accents would have the highest seniority at the DCFM

    In the late 1970’s the urge to farming reignited in Ted and his dad offered him an opportunity to operate the family orchard. In addition to apples Ted began to garden between the trees – growing pumpkins, gourds, etc.

    Within the first few years he added Chile Peppers because he had discovered their wonderful flavors. Later in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s Joan and Ted met and she brought her outstanding culinary skills and love of spicy foods to the business.

    Soon after we changed our name and focused mostly on the incredible flavors we could produce by growing our own chilies.

    The business of Savory Accents has grown right alongside the development of the Dane County Farmers Market. The DCFM went from about a dozen vendors to more than 300 and Savory Accents went from a few varieties of chilies to 29 varieties and almost 3 dozen processed products.

    Thanks to all of the wonderful people over the years who supported our business ideas and encouraged us to create new products that they purchased and shared with friends and family.

    -Ted & Joan

  • Bill Moore's Hot and Spicy Reviews

    We were excited to be reviewed by Bill Moore. Listen to what he has to say about our products! "Fresh chilis and the tartness of the vinegar!  Mmmm, love the simplicity of this!" The video is just over 6 minutes long. Thanks Bill!  See more of Bill's reviews here.

  • J Henry & Sons Bourbon Farm Dinner - July 2017

    Photos from our dinner at J. Henry & Sons Wisconsin Straight Bourbon Farm in Dane, WI. Dan Fox was the Chef and he used Savory Accents Shishito Peppers with a White Fish Dish!

    Beautiful place, the bourbon was amazing, and the food was fabulous!