About Us

Savory Accents specializes in Chili Pepper products. We produce a large variety of chilies ranging from the popular Jalapeno to one of the hottest chilies around, the famous Carolina Reaper.  Our chilies are harvested and processed fresh from our gardens in Verona, Wisconsin.

In the summer you can find an array of fresh chilies at our stand at the Dane County Farmer’s Market in Madison, Wisconsin. Year round we produce a variety of processed products such as Hot Pepper Seasoning, Spicy Oils, Hot Sauces, and Vinaigrettes.  Our goal is to enhance all of your savory dishes with spice and flavor.

Our gardening techniques focus on the concept of “terroir”, the impact of soil, sun, moisture and the mastery of gardening.  This has a direct correlation to the intense flavor and heat found in our chili peppers.  It’s not just about hot, it’s about intense flavor.  We feel that once you’ve tried our pepper products, you’ll agree!

Our Chili Pepper Farm is located in a beautiful valley in the glacial drumlin of Verona Wisconsin. Our organic chili pepper gardens are situated on five acres along-side the popular bike route on Range Trail. Our chili peppers thrive in the rich silty clay loam soil on sunny south facing slopes. The 25 varieties we grow create a multitude of intense colors and shapes in our chili gardens. The wide array of diverse peppers also provides a range of flavors and spicy heat levels to accommodate the desires of many palates. The chili peppers are further enhanced in our onsite processing kitchen where we create our innovative products!