1 – 13 oz can unsweetened coconut milk
    1 – 14 oz can of chopped tomatoes
    1 Tablespoon of Curry Powder
    1 Tablespoon of Fish Sauce
    ½ teaspoon of salt
    ½ teaspoon of Savory Accents 7 Chili Blend
    1 pound of large Shrimp
    8 oz of White Button Mushrooms
    1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil
    1 Tablespoon of Savory Accents Chili Oil

    Heat coconut milk and chopped tomatoes in a pan over medium heat.
    Add the curry powder, fish sauce, salt, and 7 Chili Blend, stir and simmer for about 10 minutes.
    Heat chili oil in a pan, saute shrimp until slightly pink.
    Heat olive oil in another pan and sauté mushrooms until tender.
    Add shrimp and mushrooms to the sauce and continue to let simmer for 5 more minutes.

    Serve over rice.




    1 pound ground beef
    1 medium size onion
    1 quart of stewed tomatoes
    1 – 16 oz can of chili beans
    1 teaspoon of Savory Accents Harissa Paste
    Salt and Pepper to taste



    Brown ground beef and onions.
    Add stewed tomatoes, chili beans, harissa paste and salt and pepper to taste.
    Simmer over medium heat for approximately half an hour.
    Serve with a dollop of sour cream.

  • Gazpacho


    4 Roasted Anaheim Chilies
    Roasted Vegetables
    - 2 ears of corn
    - 5 tomatillos
    - 1 red onions
    - 5 tomatoes
    -1 cup of tomato juice
    -4 zucchinis (yellow and green) cut into small cubes
    -Salt & Pepper
    -Olive oil and Balsamic vinegar
    -Bread for croutons

    1. Mix in vitamix or blender
    2. Roasted chilies, tomatillos, roasted onion, tomatoes, and tomato juice.
    3. Add to blended mix
    4. Cubed Zucchini, finely chopped red onion, Corn cut off of cob. Add salt and pepper. Add a bit of cider vinegar, basil and mint.
    5. Make croutons in pan.
    6. Serve soup in bowl and add croutons, olive oil and vinegar, sliced basil.

  • Vegetable Curry


    (Makes 6 servings)

    1 14-oz. can light coconut milk
    ¼ cup flour
    ½ cup water
    2 tsp. Harissa Paste (1 tsp. for tender mouths)

    1 medium onion, chopped
    3 oz. gold potatoes, cut into 1” pieces
    4 cups butternut squash, cut into 1” chunks
    4 cups cauliflower, cut into florets
    1 15-oz. can chickpeas, rinsed
    1 red bell pepper, cut into 1” pieces

    1 cup fresh peas (or thawed frozen peas)
    Fresh cilantro, chopped (for garnish)


    1. In a small bowl, whisk together coconut milk, flour, water, and Harissa Paste; set aside.

    2.In a 4 quart or larger slow cooker, add onion, potatoes, squash, cauliflower, chickpeas, and bell peppers; mix well.

    3.Add coconut milk mixture to the slow cooker.

    4.Cover and cook on low until vegetables are tender, 4-5 hours.

    5.Stir in peas.

    6.Garnish with cilantro.