• Grilled Chili Peppers Stuffed with Cheese

    Grilled Chili Peppers Stuffed with Cheese

    Want these flavorful chilies? Get them fresh at the Dane County Farmers Market every Saturday in summer!


    Peppers (such as Anaheim, Big Jims, Poblanos, and Long Sweet Peppers)
    Cheese of your choice (such as goat cheese, cream cheese, pepper jack, Swiss, and  Cheddar)


    1.Cut tops off peppers leaving as much pepper as possible.
    2.Gently take out seeds with a paring knife.
    3.Stuff peppers with your cheese of choice.
    4.Cover open ends of peppers with tin foil.
    5.Lay peppers on the grill and cook on both sides until skin is tender and browned.
    Serve warm.